Introduction to Taiwan Night Market

-- Raohe Street Night Market --

Raohe Street was called Xi Kou Street. The west end of Raohe Street starts from section four of Ba De Road (the front side of Ci You Temple) to the east end of Ta You Road. This length of street is 600 meters in total. The Song Shan Fu De Temple (Land God temple) and the Song Shan Presbyterian Church are located in between these street sections. The Ci You Temple was built by local residents in the era of the Qian Long Emperor of the Qing Dynasty; it enshrines the Goddess Ma Zu and has become a spiritual center for the local people. After the construction of Ci You Temple, various shops gradually gathered on the street. Raohe Street became the earliest Song Shan District market place. The street from the Ci You Temple to the Song Shan Fu De Temple is called Top Street and the street from the Song Shan Fu De Temple to Ta You Road is called Low Street. This area encompasses these two temples which are the two main pillars of the Ghost Festival in this area.
The Taipei City Government is currently developing transportation improvements, including the construction of an underground railway and refinements to the current mass rapid transportation systems. Based on convenient transportation and the huge number of disciples visiting the historical Ci You Temple, Raohe Street owns its great advantages as an international tourist destination to religious and culture perspectives.

Logo and Spirits of Raohe Night Market in Taiwan
mascot of Raohe Night market -- Taipei City
   Raohe Street Tourist Night Market’s mascot is the owl.

mascot of Raohe Night market -- Taipei City
The owl is a nocturnal animal whose lifestyle is the same as people visiting night markets.  The owl used as the mascot of the night market is, in a way, referring to nocturnal people at night markets.

Transportation guide

By Railroad:
Get off at Song Shan Train Station; take the Ba De Road Exit

By Bus:
Take bus number 605, 203, 205, 311, 276, 306, 63, 204, Blue 12, Blue 7, or Ban Ji line bus, get off at the Song Shan Train Station stop

There is a city parking tower on the crossroad of Ji Long Road and Ba De Road


Map Raohe Night market -- Taipei City

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